The Company

Our team is formed of members of 5 News past and present. For over a decade, we’ve worked to tight budgets and even tighter deadlines to produce high-quality content day in, day out.


We believe our background at 5 News makes us quick, nimble, creative, passionate and, most importantly, open to all. We like to bring out the best in each other and those we work with.


So that’s who Middle Table is. But want to know the story behind the name?

Why ‘Middle Table’, you may ask? Well, once upon a time, the middle table was our version of the water-cooler. Only far less healthy.


Years ago, we all worked in the same TV newsroom - one of the more creative and exciting ones. In the middle of the office was a table where doughnuts, chocolates, cakes, biscuits, sweets and other goodies would be brought to feed hungry mouths. It was, perhaps, no coincidence then that it was also where we would gather to brainstorm. And it was where the best ideas were generated. It was the foundation of our best work.


So when we decided to form our own production company, the idea of the middle table stuck with us. As did the doughnuts, the chocolates...


The Name

The Office

We are located at WeWork in Moorgate, seconds from the tube station which is serviced by the Northern, Circle, metropolitan as well as Hammersmith and city lines.







0781 034 8749