Our Story

From the heart of a newsroom, a world of imagination

Our name is also our birthplace. In the centre of the Channel 5 Newsroom was a table around which people gathered for meetings, brainstorms, and far-reaching ideathons that would shape the day's outlook; which stories would be told today, and how.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it also happened to be place where you would find an endless supply of treats: birthday cakes, sweets brought back from holidays, leftover Christmas chocolates, Monday pick-me-up donuts. Friday biscuits to celebrate getting through the week.

It was known as the Middle Table, and it helped spawn a thousand programmes and one very sweet-toothed production company...

Core Team

Jeremy Irwin

Louise Beale

Adam Cottam

Win Edson

Richard Zackheim

Nick Frost

Ifé Fatunase

Chloe Potter