Media Training

"It was excellent, exactly what I wanted. Louise and Chloe’s expertise and skill was outstanding and refreshing."

What We Offer...

Media Training

We watch and interview countless people. We have noticed a pattern. Those who perform the best are those who enjoy it the most.

We get a kick out of helping people get their message across and make the most of their moment in the spotlight.  

Our Approach

Don't just survive public performance, thrive on it.

As current news presenters and crew we know how to give a first class performance in today’s world. We’ve developed a fresh type of training that can teach you how to do the same, whether you’re appearing on television, making a speech or presenting a pitch.

It's tailored training with targeted feedback and we always get results.

Presentation Training

In our presentation training we can help you do the same whether you’re giving a speech, presenting a pitch or just wanting to communicate better with colleagues.

We teach the skills and techniques we use to deliver live television and scripted reports to a wide audience and we show you how to perform. Even the best pitch won’t land if it’s delivered badly.

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Our Experiences

Louise Beale

Joint Head Trainer

Chloe Potter

Joint Head Trainer

Adam Cottam

Camera Operator

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