Media Training: Our Take...

Make-up and how not to look shifty

20th June

Going on TV? You need make-up. Trust us. Just look at Richard Nixon. And Tony Blair...

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Not Answering the Question Pt2

6th June

How the boss of Northern Rail takes his time to answer the question

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Not Answering the Question

30th May

How the Defence Secretary avoided the question... and got terminated.

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Steve Jobs' speaking evolution

25th May

How practice made perfect for the Apple guru.

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The Hardest Word

3rd May

Why the BFI got it right after the kicking-out controversy.

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We're in the Money...

2nd May

Memo to the Sainsbury's CEO: "You're never alone with a microphone".

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The Terrifying Silence of Studios

30th April

How not to let the quietness get to you.

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