Media Training: Our Take...

The long and the short of it...

5th April

When it comes grabbing readers' attention, should you go long-form or short-form?

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The power of video...

6th February

Why video marketing is leading the way for ROI... and how you can maximise its potential

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The bleedin' obvious...

19th October

Bosses get big bonuses. Surely they know journalists will ask about them?

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The Perils of Public Speaking

21st September

It's party conference season, a time of dread for even the most experienced of public speakers...

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How to respond to an insult

20th September

How would you respond to an insult like this?

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I'm Afraid You've Got That Wrong...

23rd August

When you're wrongly introduced on live TV News, what do you do?

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Tea, sympathy and Boris Johnson

15th August

How Boris Johnson tried to head off a media storm with tea

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Why video is vital to marketing

7th August

Video marketing is already here. And it's only going to get bigger. Don't get left behind...

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Newspapers, corrections & the tricks of the trade

1st August

The Daily Mirror printed a front page correction this week. They did their best to hide it...

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Video Marketing and the World Cup

17th July

Why video marketing is a clear winner when it comes to World Cup years. And any other big sporting event, for that matter...

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When Long Is Too Long

6th July

An interview on breakfast television reveals the potential pitfalls of a long interview.

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When Less Is More

27th June

How a rising star of the Democrats showed why you don't always drones and tricks in campaign videos

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Make-up & not looking shifty

20th June

Going on TV? You need make-up. Trust us. Just look at Richard Nixon. And Tony Blair...

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Avoiding the Question 2

6th June

How the boss of Northern Rail takes his time to answer the question

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Avoiding the Question

30th May

How the Defence Secretary avoided the question... and got terminated.

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Steve Jobs the Speaker

25th May

The Apple guru wasn't always the pro at public speaking...

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The Hardest Word

3rd May

Why the BFI got it right after the kicking-out controversy.

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We're in the Money...

2nd May

Memo to the Sainsbury's CEO: "You're never alone with a microphone".

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The Terrifying Silence of Studios

30th April

How not to let the quietness get to you.

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