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The terrifying silence of studios

30th April 2018

I was reading the 5 News bulletins this weekend. Newsrooms and news studios are often quieter at weekends. There are fewer staff and often a more familial atmosphere.

But if you’re asked to do an interview over a weekend - don’t be lulled into a false sense of security by the smaller scale of operations.

And try not to be intimidated by the silence of studios.

The 5 News studio is empty apart from me, the presenter, on a weekend.

And you could be forgiven for thinking that would make coming into a studio with fewer floor managers, producers and runners a far easier environment to do an interview.

But the silence can be deafening. And it can be intimidating.

During our training courses we try to teach all our clients to be comfortable in silence. To finish talking when they’ve said what they want to say and not fill that silence.

As a presenter I get a kick and an adrenaline buzz from the silence just before we go on air. But it’s something I’ve learnt to love. If you’re going to regularly be asked to do interviews in a studio you need to learn how to love it too.


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