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The Campaign Video When Less Was More

27th June 2018

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may not be a household name over here yet, but, whatever your politics, there’s a good chance you’ll have heard of her when the next US Presidential election comes around.

She’s a rising star of the Democrats and has just won a significant victory in her party’s congressional primary in New York City. 28 years old and from a Puerto Rican family, Ocasio-Cortez ran a campaign around the slogan “One of Us”. She ignored the experts who told her not to bother appealing to people who never vote.

And much like the rest of her campaign, her central campaign video didn’t go down the slick, overly polished route either. The film was deliberately filmed ‘off the shoulder’ to give it a real people feel. It shied away from flicks and tricks, there wasn’t a timelapse in sight and it may even have been drone-less, which is pretty rare these days.

But don’t think that because it looked rough and ready it didn’t take planning, creativity and a great deal of thought. Looking like you haven’t made much of an effort often takes plenty of it… and done right, it can really pay off.

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