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Make-up, Tony Blair, and how not to look shifty

20th June 2018

One of the most common things people worry about before going on TV is how they’re going to look.

We’d love to be able to reassure them and say - it doesn’t matter what you look like, it’s all about what you say. But the truth is that simply isn’t true. Television is a visual medium. And it can magnify the best bits of you - and the worst.

So here are some tips.

Make sure you look smart. Check your tie is straight, your glasses are clean, your hair isn’t flyaway; even something as seemingly insignificant as any of those things can appear exaggerated on screen.

If you know you’ve got an interview coming - wear make up. If you’re offered it at a studio - take it. And crucially, this applies to women AND men. It’s not vain, it’s sensible: if you’ve got a shiny nose or forehead it will become distracting, and those watching at home may not end up listening to a word you say, instead only thinking ‘that man had a really shiny nose.’ 

Even worse, it can shake people's perception of you: when US presidential hopeful Richard Nixon went head-to-head against John F Kennedy in a TV debate, he looked sweaty. Many people saw him as being shifty, even untrustworthy. He lost the race.

Have a watch of Nixon...

A bit of powder and it’s eliminated. Tony Blair famously carried around supplies of his favourite shade. If he can do it, anyone can.

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