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Not Answering the Question: Part 2

6th June 2018

Why the Northern Rail fiasco wasn't just on the tracks...

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: not answering a journalist’s question is likely to land you in trouble.

Last week it was the Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson - this week it’s the turn of the Managing Director of Northern Rail. David Brown was being interviewed by ITV News to explain his company's part in the Northern Rail crisis. It has cancelled hundreds of trains in a bid to combat problems arising from a new timetable and are forcing many passengers to use much slower bus replacement services for weeks. Despite this, they’re still charging passengers the same amount for a ticket.

So when Mr Brown was asked if the thought that was fair you’d think - and hope - he’d answer the question upfront. Sadly it took a few goes…

Watch here

We at Middle Table always advise that if you’ve got to hold your hands up to something, or deliver bad news, then don't be afraid to do it. Answer the question and then bridge on to what you want to talk about. We teach a really simple yet very effective bridging technique on our courses - and many of our clients say it’s been invaluable for when things sometimes go off the rails.

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