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Steve Jobs' speaking evolution

25th May 2018

Practise, Practise, Practise.

We all know one - the person who nails a speech whatever the subject. The person who makes a perfect presentation and has everyone on board within seconds. The person who stands up at a wedding and gives a charismatic,witty, off the cuff speech. But how off the cuff actually is it?

The answer to that is almost certainly not at all.  

It’s the same for those who are brilliant TV interviewees. It’s rarely something that’s come naturally. It will have taken practise. And lots of it.

At Middle Table we believe giving a great interview or making a perfect pitch is a skill you can learn.  

One of the best examples of someone who put in the hard graft to be a better communicator is Steve Jobs. The foundation for much of Apple’s success came from the way he presented their ideas and products. He was engaging. Informative. Charismatic. Even slick.

But he didn’t start off that way. Look at this video of him in 1980 and how by 2007 he’d transformed his presenting style for the (much) better.

The difference is marked. But he’d only employed some simple techniques - pausing, watching his pace, keeping his energy up.

And he’d practised. And practised. And practised.

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