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3rd May 2018

I remember being told as I was growing up - if you’ve done something wrong, admit it. And say sorry. 

It’s the same advice we give to all businesses and organisations we media train.  If they’ve made a mistake - don’t spin a story.  Just apologise.

I was reminded of it after watching an interview with a woman who has Asperger’s syndrome on the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire Programme. 
25 year old Tamsin Parker was on the show to discuss what had happened after she’d been ‘forcibly removed’ from the British Film Institute for ‘laughing too much’ during a screening of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Also on the programme was Jen Smith from the BFI.  Ms Smith did what anyone should have done in that situation. She apologised.  And it was a genuine apology - you could see she wasn’t afraid of saying it and that she truly meant it.  She admitted the BFI staff had got it wrong, said they were going to introduce fresh training for staff AND she called for a wider debate on the lack of awareness about people with autism.  

Watch here and make up your own mind...

I think everything she said came across so well as you could tell she meant it.  What might have become a damaging story for the BFI and their reputation did not. I only hope Tamsin Parker felt it was genuine too.


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