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Tongue Twisters and Forgetfulness: Public Speaking Perils

 21st September 2018

It’s human instinct to assess risk and reward before choosing whether to do something or not. And for politicians at party conferences I’ve always wondered whether those odds are stacked against them. Do well and you have good headlines for a day or so; do badly and you’re etched into YouTube permanence.

For 2018, step forward Vince Cable. Nobody quite knows how his headline-aiming description of Brexit turned from ‘erotic spasm’ into ‘exotic spresm’. We always tell our media training clients to practice any key phrases out loud - sometimes they’re more of a tongue-twister than you realise - but Mr Cable is an experienced politician so it’s hard to fathom. Click on the picture....


It’s consolation to others who speak in pubic that even supremely well-practised operators can have a bad day when public speaking. Remember Theresa May’s coughing fit? And who can forget Ed Miliband’s… forgetfulness?

Speaking to large crowds, wherever you are, is a skill, or even an art. The slow build, considered pace, relaxed demeanour. Here’s one example – perhaps it’s worth watching those who are best at this kind of thing and seeing if some of it rubs off. Plenty of reward and not much risk in that.

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